We are a fully
insured and bonded Pet Care Service and provide private dog walks, beach play and fun energetic off leash hikes. Our mission is to Poop your Pooch! Beach visits or hiking adventures will tire your dog out. This can help prevent destructive behaviors like digging and chewing. There is truth to the saying a tired dog is a good dog.
As an avid dog lover, naturally, every dog is treated as if it is my own. I understand that you need to feel certain that you are leaving your dog in good hands, so to this end I visit every prospective member’s home to find out about their dog and ensure that they are good at socializing with other dogs. Your dog does need to be friendly to other dogs and have mastered the basics of obedience. Please, no aggressive dogs or people! All adult dogs must be spayed or neutered.
I keep groups small and safe in numbers.  I am available all day on a regular basis from Mon-Fri and available by appointment for weekends and holidays.
Fully insured and bonded.
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